DEVNET Wins Lawsuit in Shanghai, China -- DEVNET赢得了起诉侵权人上海帝位奈特技术信息管理中心、李世恩的一审诉讼

On 31st, October, 2016, after nearly four years of litigation, the people’s court of Xuhui district, Shanghai, China (“trial court”) has rendered a ruling regarding the case DEVNET Development Information Network (hereinafter referred to as “Plaintiff” or “DEVNET”) v. Shanghai DEVNET Technical Information Management Center and Li Shien (“Defendants”).


2016年10月31日,经过近四年的漫长诉讼,中国上海市徐汇区人民法院就DEVNET Development Information Network(下称 “原告” 或“国际信息发展组织”)诉上海帝位奈特技术信息管理中心、李世恩(以下合称“被告”)侵权纠纷一案作出了判决。


In the ruling, the trial court held the Defendants accountable for fraudulently propagandizing in the name of DEVNET in order to obtain illegal commercial benefits, intentionally using DEVNET’s dominant features, including but not limited to, its UN ECOSOC Consultative Status I, historical connections with the United Nations, and its history and developed projects, publishing false information to the public and misleading the public to falsely recognize the Defendants as DEVNET. The trial court held that Defendants have infringed upon the legal rights of DEVNET and gained commercial interests that were initially belonged to DEVNET, which went against the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China. The trial court’s judgment upheld Plaintiff’s claims, requiring Defendants to immediately cease all its illegal acts of unfair competition and fraudulent propaganda, to apologize publicly on 21st Century Business Herald, a newspaper designated by Plaintiff, and to compensate Plaintiff for its economic loss caused by Defendants’ illegal acts and reasonable expenditures incurred by Plaintiff in initiating legal proceedings.