Internet Marketing Training Workshop

 Zimbabwe, May 31st, 2012 - Internet marketing is basically marketing of products and services on line. The global growth of internet technology is starting to be felt even in developing countries like Zimbabwe. Internet has become ubiquitous; people can access it from their computers to their cell phones. This has enhanced global reach, reduced marketing and advertising costs as well as making target marketing more accurate. In order for a business to have a competitive edge it has to embark on internet marketing. The opportunities for a business when it is successfully marketed on the internet are limitless. This platform gives a company the chance to reach a clientele far beyond the bounds of a business’ physical location. It is from this background that TIPS/WINNER Zimbabwe organized women entrepreneurs and trained them on Internet marketing on Thursday, 31 May 2012. Ambrose Kavu, the Manager of TIPS/WINNER Zimbabwe National Bureau with the assistance of Jane Mudzamiri the Winner Co-ordinator and other TIPS Staff, took the women entrepreneurs through the half day training workshop. Women received both theory and practical lessons and posted photographs of their products on the internet marketing sites like classifieds. They also signed into mailing lists like dipleague and SuddenlyZimbabwe. Participants were encouraged to continuously internalize the use of the internet for strategic and tactical business purposes.

The course components covered:

-         Internet versus traditional marketing

-         Considerations  for internet advertising

-         Best internet platforms to market products

-         How to register adverts online

-         How to create winning adverts

-         Practical listing of products and services

-         Business networks, search engines and social networks

List of participants:




Telephone No.

Elizabeth Muyambo

Malwatte Enterprises

Lodge and Restaurant and casino

263772 479 530

Viola Makichi

Malwatte Craft Centre

Hand made rags

263775 099 104

Mattie Godfrey

Otties Beauty Salon

Beauty Therapy

263 772 214 862                                                                                    


Miriam Muregerera

Rose Designs


263772 214 877

Praxedes Mudyanadzo


Oyster Mushroom Production

263772 331 391

Jade Muyambo

Malwatte Enterprises

Organically grown Herbs and vegetables

263772 479 530

Spiwe Chidemo

Letombo Children Centre

Children crèche and nursery


Angeline Mujeyi

Environment Africa

Herbs, dried vegetables and honey production

263773 199 804

Emmaculate Mupfumi

TichChem Chemicals

Detergent Manufacturing

263773 928 374

Theresina Chimombe

Chisanzu Herbal Products

Herbal Products and Herbal Clinic

2630772 647 942

Mary Hapadziwi

Jekesa Pfungwa

Women empowerment

263712 403 250/2634 570846

Jane Mudzamiri


SME Capacity building

2634 861541/263774 057 989

Ruvimbo Sagonda

Environment Africa

Herbs, dried vegetables and pure honey production

0773 199  804

Linda Mhaka


SME Capacity Building

2634 861541/263774 057 989

Tsitsi Spargo


SME Capacity Building

2634 861541/263774 057 989

Rumbidzai Mabasa


SME Capacity Building

2634 861541/263774 057 989